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Adhesive Future

"We never really knew where we will end up. We always thought that when we start throwing things at the wall, something might stay, something might stick. Unfortunately, time and again their adhesiveness were always untimely."

Flight time: 29-hours

It was not without compromise that we opt to fly in a metal bird. While rumored to be equipped with the best of amenities, the handsome sum you think you have paid is still considered minute to the corporations. And henceforth, rewarding you with a service that is not so dissimilar to that of an on-schedule feeding session, albeit with choices.”

'Her' — Afterthoughts

A curious, and intriguing title that is at the same time ambiguous. Who, or what is ‘Her’?

The film is impactful on many fronts. It’s surreality is both refreshing, and alarming.

It possess a balance of calmness and disturbance, striked up through the use of contrast; between light and dark, order and chaos, joy and despair. The brilliant music played such a role in instrumenting the mood of this balancing act for the audience.

Our yearning for interactions had propelled technology. Yet the irony is not lost on us, that it is also technology that deprives us of real interactions. And with our growing inability to interact in-person, technology’s advances replace such complexity. No more guesswork, and no more mood swings.

And perhaps, it was under such assumed outcome, that the unfolding conclusion of the film is more welcoming than an otherwise happy ending. It’s a reminder, that we are human after all, which we were subtly reminded by the sheer existence of the protagonist’s workplace, and the effects of his works.


Midway Traffic Time Collapsed and Reorganised by Car Colour - The San Diego Studies

ed: Whoaaa I love it!!!!

This is really cool. But… how? Magic.

Can you hear the raindrops from the downpour? On the window, the roof of your car, the puddle that itself had formed?

I especially enjoy the sound of raindrops on a pipe, it reminds me of childhood.

Such an expressive shot. Love it.

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“Asimov was also a champion of the written word and the vital importance of books in our everyday life. Speaking to the American Booksellers Association in 1989, Isaac Asimov asked his audience to imagine a device that “can go anywhere, and is totally portable. Something that can be started and stopped at will along its data stream, allowing the user to access the information in an effective, easy manner.” Asimov then reminded the audience that “we have this device. It’s called the book.””

What was the first thing that came to mind? I thought, “here’s another futurist who can predict the future. Great.”

So I was pleasantly surprised by the reminder.

This week, it seems I have been reminded time and again to go back to reading books. I should probably develop a routine for it.

A good photographer

A good photographer doesn’t have the fanciest equipments.

She/he spent more time observing. She/he moves a little closer to action.

Kneel a little, move a little closer, and snap.

It snowed today, and a good snow picture isn’t taken from the sidewalk.

looks like a good day. :)

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